Brightman and Hanson
Brightman and Hanson


Welcome to my Candidate Page. I am Brian Brightman.

You may recognise me from recent media appearances, where I have put my honesty on display for all to see.

I am not a career politician. I have zero affinity with what drives career politicians. In fact I think many of them have let Australia down in many ways.

I believe Western Australia needs a completely new direction, almost a 180 degree change. We need politicians who LISTEN to the citizens and put the Australian people and their concerns first.

Political Correctness must be eradicated from our society, institutions and schools. If we cannot have TRUTHFUL, OPEN, HONEST debate about the many challenges we face as a society, how can we make informed decisions?

Everywhere I see disastrous outcomes from policies that were concocted under the straight jacket of Political Correctness.

Education, Employment, Health and Finances are all in dire straits. We need decisive and effective policies to turn our country around before we become a Third World Country.

I will expand on my policies in weeks to come, and hope to meet many of you around the Joondalup Electorate.

I need your support and assistance. I am standing completely independently. I am doing this because I love and believe in Australia.

To help me make the electorate of Joondalup, the state of Western Australia, and this great nation of Australia a better place, please support me with your donation.



Thank you

Brian Brightman

Brian Bightman
Brian Bightman