Boy castrated and eyes gouged out.

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A boy in Lahore, Pakistan had his eyes gouged out with an ice pick and then castrated, because he brought dishonor on his girlfriends family. I know this was not in a Western country, but many people from Pakistan HAVE been brought into the UK and WILL probably be introduced into Australia as well. Many incidents of ‘honor’ killings and maimings like this have happened in the UK already.

I am sorry but this is completely unacceptable that people from these backward societies are continued to be allowed to enter OUR civilized societies. It is INSANITY to continue to do so. It is neither racist or bigoted to say ENOUGH.

Please share this. We need to start standing up and saying ENOUGH more often.

2 Replies to “Boy castrated and eyes gouged out.”

  1. That’s like saying ‘One day a dog will bite me, one hasn’t yet, but it will, and therefore I will hate all dogs now’.

    How can you have such a holier than thou attitude? Do you really think segregation is the answer? Do you REALLY think that persecuting an entire group is going to end well for any person? What gives you the right to think you’re better than anyone else? How can you purport to want to be one of our ‘leaders’ when what you want to do is teach our kids that acceptance is a dirty word?

    These are genuine questions – I have read your writings and truly cannot understand your view.

    1. See what is happening in the UK now? Thousands of white, female children systematically raped in organized moslem male gangs. This will be the awakening of Western mainstream to the lies and deceit of the left. You should be ashamed of yourself you piece of shit.

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