Chickens are coming home to roost. Within 6 months we are going to have Worldwide Financial Armageddon

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Events are looking very dire in just about every sphere around the world. Marine Le Pen can win the French election, and even if she does not the pent up anger of the French population is going to spill over into civil unrest. This will create a domino effect across the UK, Sweden and Germany. This civil unrest will have a very negative effect on the EU economy, which will then further effect the World economy.

In the US, car and student loans are in a similar predicament to the Sub Prime housing situation of 2007. There are now hundreds of potential Lehman Brothers scenarios, although now much bigger due the reckless printing and borrowing policy of the worlds central banks. We are well and truly screwed.

You would think that most Western governments would be in disaster preparation mode, stockpiling food and securing borders. Yeah right…as if.

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