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Isn’t it strange that EVERY Western government has made it’s men feel like shit about themselves. We have been bombarded from every direction. We are worthless cavemen, unable to be dragged into the 21 st century. Open to ridicule, condemnation and humiliation at every turn. Our spirit has been broken.

EVERY Western government is doing this to it’s white, male, straight citizens. NO ONE ELSE. Everyone gets a free pass, but not us. We are beyond redemption. The outcasts of society. The ones who get sent off to war to defend the society. We now have a generation incapable of fighting ¬†for pretty much anything.

In the past 20 years, EVERY Western country has imported hundreds of thousands of males from third world, war torn countries. Men who have learnt skills and cunning and survivability that we cannot even begin to compete with. This is not going to end fucking well.

Mix a severely weakened western men with a feminist movement that’s only reason for existence is the breaking of Western men, and the richest countries in the world are ripe for takeover.

Think about it people. No matter the semantics, the pretty arguments about our responsibilities to the world. BULLSHIT. WE NEED TO SURVIVE. This is not going to be a happy ending like in the movies. Where the good guy pulls the shit out of the fire…cause we are good and deserve it. WAKE UP YEAH!

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