France, think hard about what you want your country to look like in 5 years.

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French people have to stand strong and tall and decide how they want their country to look like in 5 years time. Do they want a downward spiral of deceit, lies and despicable social engineering to continue or to at least give the Republic a chance to fight to regain itself to a safe, strong and fair society.

Make no mistake, if they choose ANYONE except Marine Le Pen they will descend into a chaos that there will be no escape from. The establishment or globalists who use ANTIFA to silence any opposition are hand in hand with the spread of Wahabi islam, which accounts for the other candidates. Wahabism is touching many countries around the world, Indonesia, UK, Germany, France, Sweden, Belgium, …Australia. France MUST go against all the brainwashing put out by elites, the MSM, governments. Anyone who continues to appease and apologise for the sake of islam, stop and think. ALL our Western democracies have been RUINED by the disastrous immigration policies of the past 20 years. IT HAS TO STOP. God bless France.

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