Initial Policy Outline

Western Australia – We deserve better than the incompetent and traitorous leadership that has been served up to us by the Greens, Labor and Coalition governments of the past 25 years. It is time for DRAMATIC CHANGE.

As the election campaign progresses I will expand on policies. The basic theme of my policies is that ‘Simple works best’, ‘Always put the onus of responsibility on to the perpetrator’ and ‘Have a small number of laws, but apply them vigorously’.

I believe in small but efficient government, community self regulation and the preservation of Western society and values. Western society has been exceptional for the past 300 years around the world. It has not been faultless but has brought more good than bad to the world. We need to preserve our culture, society and traditions against those in our community who would tear them apart.

–   End political correctness in government departments, media and educational institutions. Remove Section 18C which inhibits free and honest debate.

–    Work towards self sufficiency in Western Australia ( Agriculture, High End Manufacturing ). This will create jobs and insulate WA from any future GFC’s. All land should remain in Australian hands, only leases be allowed with friendly nations.

–   Reform tax regime in WA. Abolish ALL existing taxes and replace with a % bank debit tax rate. OAP’s and other disadvantaged groups to be given exemption. This will ensure large and multi-national companies are paying a fair share of tax.

–   Education. A strong emphasis on respect, self discipline and community service. Discipline to be much stricter and enforced. Boot camps for repeat offenders. Back to basics approach with NO PC DOGMA or SOCIAL ENGINEERING ( safe schools etc ).

–   Law & Order. Have less laws but enforce them harshly. Find alternative responses to Ice epidemic. Removal from society until clean.

–   Family Law Court. Have a 50-50 care arrangement as a starting point in any custody case. Enact Child Alienation as a significant crime with significant punishment. Children should NOT be used as weapons in divorces by either parent.

–   Finance. WA is almost bankrupt. We need to streamline government departments and cut waste.

If elected, I will make the TOUGH decisions. I have lived and worked in 3rd world countries and studied how issues are tackled on a budget. These countries often have more success with less money and resources. We can learn form them. Simple is better, every time.