Yassmin Abdul Maggied, What next?

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When I first read this morning about the despicable tweet that Yassmin Adbul Maggied had posted on ANZAC Day, I was almost speechless with anger. It takes quite a bit to shock me, but this really shook me. Shook me that someone could be so arrogant, to come to the best country in the world and be feted by the left wing of politics, given opportunities way beyond her talent level..and what does she do? Gives Australia the biggest middle finger possible.

She said FUCK YOU Australia on our most patriotic day. I don’t give a damn about freedom of speech or she was acting immaturely, she did it because up to now she knows that Australia allows WAY TOO MUCH to slide. moslems burning our flag and demanding sharia law in Sydney and Melbourne, shutting down free speech on university campus have been noted by most Aussies but because of apathy, allowed to slide. Enough now. Enough. If we don’t make a stand after this, then we might as well give up now.

Abdul Maggied and everyone else who is treasonous by plotting terror against our wonderful country MUST BE DEPORTED. NOW.

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